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Our Disclaimer

Upon arrival, you will be sat down in a debriefing and the regulations will be explained.

  • Language Preferance - Ons praat Afrikaans, Re bouwa Sesotho, Wir sprechen Deutsch, We speak English
  • Indemnity - Before a ride may take place, you are required to sign an indemnity form. No person will be allowed to take part in any activity until the indemnity is signed and accepted.
  • Damage to Quads & Terrain - Adhering to the regulations of the quads and the terrain is compulsary. We do not condone spinning, speeding nor irresponsible driving. We reserve the right to stop the tour due to mistreatment of our equipment or if the guide feels that you are not fit to ride a quad bike. All activities are at own risk. By taking part in our tours, you forfeit all rights and reservations.
  • Safety Equipment - The law in South Africa states that it is a necessity to wear a crash helmet. Helmets will be provided to you but the choice is entirely yours. Please wear hiking boots or outdoor shoes with long pants. Winter rides are quite cool, so remember to bring a jacket with.

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